60 Reasons to Visit the Perot Museum

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60 Reasons Why You Should Visit Perot Museum of Nature and Science #dallas
The Perot Museum is a Dallas landmark that you don’t want to miss. I spent the whole day there and was completely amazed every step I took. Every angle of the museum you’re able to interact and learn something new. Here are a few reasons you should visit the Perot Museum.
  1. Visualize the continents shift over millions of years. Interact with a touch-response globe that will show you this change.
  2. Witness a tornado. Watch the wind join together to form a tornado that reaches from the ceiling to the floor. 
  3. Learn how birds eat. Use different devices such as a spatula or tweezers, which acts as a birds beak, to help you learn that beaks size and shape determines what and how they eat.
  4. Create waves. Use the touch screen interaction to create waves, tides and storms.
  5. Experience an earthquake. Stand on a platform that shakes and reenacts a real earthquake.
  6. Be a weatherman. You chose the weather conditions. Put on your professional jacket (that is provided) and read the teleprompter. You will be broad casted on a TV near you.
  7. Take in the view of downtown. Head to the 4th floor and take a look out the window. Downtown is only a highway away.
  8. Test your “ups.” See how high you can jump in the sports exhibit.
  9. Enjoy Free wifi. Throughout the whole museum, guests can enjoy free wifi.
  10. Catch a glimpse of downtown on a smaller scale. You can see all of Dallas’ skyline in the Children’s center but scaled down for kids to play on.
  11. Play leap frog. Notice the huge frogs out front? Why not start a fun game of leap frog?
  12. Gawk at the gems and minerals. They are beautiful and you don’t want to miss this.
  13. Become a junior wildlife biologist. Grab a field guide and binoculars and you’re ready to go.
  14. Walk across the Margaret Hunt Bridge. Well, it’s just a replica.
  15. Race against Professional athletes. Test your speed on a track against a t-rex, or 11 different athletes. Bring your running shoes because the athlete will run along your side showing you their true speed.
  16. Shop at the Farmers Market. In the Children’s Center, little ones can pick up a grocery list and ‘shop’ for fresh veggies and fruit in the Dallas Farmers Market area.
  17. Dance the day away. In the human exhibit, stand in front of an interactive screen and dance away. Don’t be shy.
  18. Become a musician. With your own beat lab, you’ll be the hottest rocker in Dallas. Play the piano, flute, drums and more all at the tip of your fingers.
  19. Build and test. Put together a building and test it’s stability.
  20. Are you hot or cool?Identify the hot and cool points of your body through the color-coded image of a thermal camera.
  21. Read Fun Facts. Throughout the Perot Museum you will find fun facts about life on benches. One of my favorites that I found, “The average person accidentally eats 430 bugs each year of their lives.”
  22. Race robots. Build your own robot and race it through an obstacle.
  23. Launch a ping pong ball with your brain. Put your head up to the sensor and start thinking. Your brain power will launch ping pong balls through the air.
  24. Make a lifestyle change. Engage in a multimedia game that illustrates how lifestyle choices can affect your life expectancy.
  25. Check out your veins. Place your wrist under a Venogram and see where your veins are located.
  26. Make a donation. Be part of history. This isn’t your normal museum, this is something special. Why not make a donation and make it ever more awesome.
  27. Test your reactions. Test your reaction time by grasping a stick as it’s released. It’s much harder than it looks.
  28. Add a new limb. Interact with a state-of-the-art prosthetic hand.
  29. Experiment. Observe tiny living nematodes under a microscope and discover some surprising similarities
  30. Smell fox urine. There are all types of scents that you can get a whiff of and one of them is yes, fox urine.
  31. Learn about the Drilling process. Don’t understand how or why they drill in certain areas? Learn about it here.
  32. Watch the rhythm of your heart. Place both of your hands on a sensor and let a ECG read your heart rhythm. Try screaming or change up your breathing to watch the ECG jump.
  33. Fly like a bird. Stand in front of a large screen and start flapping. A bird appears on the screen and you control their flight. Head over the mountains or take a dive in the lake.
  34. Zoom in on your hometown or street. Explore the thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines that traverse the country.
  35. Play the Prey vs. Predator game. Compete against the computer or another person. Chose features for your animal and let the best win.
  36. Volunteer. Get the inside scoop about the museum and learn about the exhibits from behind the scenes.
  37. Make a healthy choice. Balancing food choices with the right amount of physical activity
  38. Swap your cheek in the science lab. Children can experience what it is like in a real science lab with white coats and more.
  39. Stargaze. Find over stargazing enthusiasts in Dallas with Perot Museums interactive map.
  40. Discover the effects of climate change on animals. Learn how animals would evolve if/when the climate changes.
  41. Watch. View a vivid high-definition film introducing natural mineral crystals.
  42. Be a (bird) musician. Create your own unique song at our Birdsong Mashup station.
  43. Shop. Stop by gift shop on your way out.
  44. Herbivores vs. Carnivores. Compare the jaws and teeth of meat eaters with those of plant eaters.
  45. See through a birds eye view.Look through  the Hawk Vision Viewer, which simulates the way hawks identify prey
  46. Physics. Separate light into individual wavelengths using spectrum analysis.
  47. Get Dirty. An “underground” crawl space revealing root systems and burrowing animals beneath the Piney Woodlands
  48. Be an engineer.Combine common machines to create a complex chain reaction.
  49. Make a baby.create your own virtual baby dragon and discover which genetic traits are randomly passed down.
  50. Turn the valves of a full-size wellhead. Head to the Tom Hunt Energy Hall for this.
  51. Compare. Compare nest and egg specimens to appreciate the beautiful and surprising variations
  52. Learn about Outer Space. Zoom in and out on different types of matter to better understand the scale of the universe.
  53. Watch a short movie. Watch a 3d or 2d movie in the Perot Museum Theater that seats 298 people.
  54. Host an event. Make your friends jealous and host the best party. ever.
  55. Pry open a geode. Spin the wheel and reveal the crystals inside.
  56. Interact. Every exhibit that you will step into, there will be an opportunity for your to get your hands dirty and learn.
  57. Planetarium. Discover the difference of weight between each planet.
  58. Eat. The Cafe is operated by Wolfgang Puck so you know it’s delicious.
  59. Get scared. The dinosaur fossils are no joke and really put size into perspective.
  60. Ride the escalator. Jump on the escalator to the top floor that faces Woodall Rogers.

I can go on for days about how amazing the Perot Museum is, but I think it’s best that you see it for your self. Don’t wait around to buy tickets, they are available for sale online now.  For more pictures of the museum, check out our album. 60 Reasons to Visit the Perot Museum Dallas #musuem #family #science #dallas

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