How I Got Over 50 Items for Less than $50 at a Kid’s Consignment Sale

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How I got over 50 items for less than $50 at a Kid's consignment store. #dallas #savings #deals #frugal

I’m envious of coupon shoppers and bargain hunters. I’ve never tried to be a couponer but watching people’s success stories always blow me away! One thing I am is a bargain hunter. I love a good deal! I don’t mind searching clearance racks or going through endless shelves of things on sale just to find a good deal. When I heard about Just Between Friends, I knew I had to go.

Just Between Friends is an event held a few times a year that is a mega sale for baby and children’s clothes, accessories, toys, decor. It’s seriously anything and everything you can imagine that you would need for a child or a pregnant woman.  I don’t have kids but I do have 7 nieces and nephews that I love to spoil! If I had all the money in the world, it would be spent on those babies.  Not only do I have lots of nieces and nephews to buy for but I just happen to be hosting a baby shower the weekend after the sale, so I am ready to shop!

I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard that it gets crazy, that there would be a line of 400 women trying to get in so they can grab the best stuff before it’s gone. Thankfully, I was able to get in before the pre-sale and see Just Between Friends before the craziness went down.  I went in with a game plan to shop only for the baby shower, so I was looking for baby boy clothes, gifts, and small items that a new mom could use.

Just Between Friends in Dallas/Mesquite

After seeing the crazy amount of EVERYTHING, my plan went out the door. I was still looking for baby boy stuff but I just started shopping for anything and everything that I knew I could use or give to my one of nieces and nephews.  The toys pictured above are only a small fraction of the toys that were for sell.

I would suggest to have a few hours free to go to this sale. There is a crazy amount of stuff to look at and if you’re on a tight schedule, you might miss a lot of great deals. I found tons of bargains right away. I scored when it came to finding bundled items together at a low price.  This set of 4 BRAND NEW onsies from Macy’s was only $5, which makes them a little more than $1 a piece. The original tag is still on there and this set it priced at $16.

Bargain shopping at Just Between Friends - Mesquite/Dallas

These burp rags were split into two groups and were both priced at $1, so I bought this whole lot for only $2. They are all in great shape and paying $2 for all of these make them less than 50 cents a piece.

Bargain Hunting at Just Between Friends Mesquite.

I’m a sucker for little kid shoes and when I found these Ralph Lauren baby boy shoes, I knew I had to buy them. They were brand new, in the box and only cost $4 with the original price of $19.99! I also picked up some toddler shoes for my niece for less than $3.

Kids Shoes from Just Between Friends MEsquite

It is a bit overwhelming because there is so much stuff to look through. If you want first dibs on the sale, look into consigning with Just Between Friends and volunteering. It’s the best way to get all of the great deals before anyone else and make some money too!

Just Between Friends Mesquite/Dallas is the place you want to be to shop for your kids! There is a sale going on now March 20 – 23rd at the Mesquite Exhibit Hall.  Have you ever shopped a Kid’s Consignment Sale before? Let me know your tricks of the trade!

The post brought to you by Just Between Friends Mesquite/Dallas. All thoughts are my own. 

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    Wowzers! For someone who isn’t a mom – you are going to be a ROCKSTAR when you are! ha. GREAT job finding some amazing deals. LOVE the post idea too!

    Thanks for coming out – it was a pleasure meeting you!

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