The Five Best Gluten-Free Spots in Dallas

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Lilly NeubauerMy name is Lilly, and I am so excited to be hopping over from my blog, Pancakes and Beet Juice, to write for Dallas Socials today! I love to write about mine and my family’s adventures around Dallas, and I love exploring through food. I thought being diagnosed as gluten intolerant three years ago might make that last part more difficult, but I am lucky that Dallas has some phenomenal options for going gluten free when dining out or wanting a special treat.

The Five Best Gluten Free Spots in Dallas #restaurants #food #glutenfree

Many local eateries, bakeries and shops offer gluten-free selections, but if I had someone in town with me that I wanted to show the best of our city’s gluten-free offerings, these five would be at the top of my list (and in no particular order):

  1. The Asian Mint : These Asian and Thai food restaurants on Oak Lawn and Forest Lane are amazing for gluten-free and normal diets alike. Almost all of their extensive menu sports the orange G next to it, letting you know it can be prepared or naturally comes gluten-free. I love the cashew pineapple fried rice with either chicken or fried tofu.
  1. Fireside Pies: The gluten-free crust here is a thinner version than Fireside Pies’ typically bubbly crust, but you can tell they took their time finding a supplier that would be consistently great and perfectly complement their pies and brick oven flavor. This was a special occasion place before finding out I was gluten intolerant, but now I’m here much more often because I think they have the best gluten-free pizza in town! Specialty dessert items on their chalkboard are also often able to be prepared gluten-free.

  1. Tulu’s Gluten Free Bakery: This all gluten-free bakery has locations in West Village and on Sherry Lane, and carries awesome treats for everyone. Every one of their recipes are perfect in my mind. The frosted cookies are buttery. The chocolate chip cookies are crisp on the edges and chewy in the middle.  The cheddar jalapeno cornbread muffins are packed with flavor. This is where I go every time I want a treat I know I’ll love, and Tulu’s always delivers.

  1. Taverna by Lombardi: With a great location right off the Katy Trail, mood lighting and an attentive and friendly staff, Tavena is a gluten-free date night dream. Their risottos can be prepared gluten free, and they have gluten-free pizza and pasta selections as well. When I go here I love to split a risotto and a pizza with my sister or husband, and we’re always stuffed and happy by the end of our meal!

  1. Nick and Sam’s Grill: The gluten-free selections on the brunch menu cannot be beat. It is such a treat to be able to enjoy a big plate of French toast when  out with friends, and I also love their egg and bacon sandwich on a fluffy gluten-free bun. It is always wonderful to be able to eat gluten-free at a place that is popular amongst all types of people, and if you hit this spot on a sunny Saturday or Sunday morning, you definitely know that’s the case.

I think the service, attention to detail and innovative menus make all of the above places wonderful additions to our Dallas restaurant list, for those who are gluten-free or not. As we learn more about diets and helping people feel their best selves, it is great to know that so many wonderful outposts are already working with us to make sure we feel accommodated and have just as great of a time as everyone else!

Want more? Make sure to follow me on Instagram where I love sharing my gluten-free food finds!

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  1. Mindee says

    Yum!! Love all these places for their attention to GF but Unrefined Bakery can’t be beat for sweets or baked goods! Check them out!

  2. Shaena says

    You have to try Kenny’s Italian Kitchen in North Dallas/Addison! You can make almost everything on their menu GF even Chicken Parmesan!

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