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Brand Ambassador

Dallas Socials Brand Ambassador

One of my favorite tasks as a blogger is to work with companies, big and small, to promote their brand. I’ve been fortunate to work with many companies by reviewing products, test driving cars and spreading good vibes about what I’ve reviewed. All reviews are honest and in no way swayed by any company. Read more about my disclosures here.


Dallas Lifestyle Blogger - Press

Brisk Bodega - Dallas Lifestyle Blogger

Brisk Bodega chose the top bloggers in the United States to join them in Miami to experience what Brisk was all about. Betsy and her guest got to experience the see a side of Miami that most don’t. Brisk provided a weekend stuffed full with a concert, the beach, a party bus and more than Brisk than you can imagine! Read about my experience here:


Drive me HAppy Chevy Dallas Socials

Drive Me Happy Chevy DFW is a local blog promoted through North Texas Chevy Dealers that posts the best music, comedy and entertainment in Dallas. I’ve been working with this blog since the beginning of 2012.


CMA Awards 2013

Betsy and The Dallas Socials were chosen as the most influential blogger for the 2013 Chevy Silverado. Because of the amount of influence we created, we were sent to the 2013 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.  Read the full article here: 2013 CMA Awards


Dallas Socials Press - Cascade Ice

“We are “Kickin’ It” this week with lifestyle blogger Betsy Mitchell. Betsy is the founder of The Dallas Socials, a hyper-local blog with everything you need to know about Dallas, Texas. From the best local shopping and events to local business and product reviews, the site has you covered. Betsy started the site in 2009 to help people get out of the house and involved in their city. Read on to learn what she has to say about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. ” Read the full article here:



NCAA Football National Championship Blogger Betsy Mitchell wins the title of Official Blogger of the NCAA Football National Championship Game. Betsy beats out over 10 other bloggers by over 150 votes.

“Congratulations to North Dakota State University for winning the NCAA Football National Championship. We arrived right when the game began and the crowd was so energized and ready to start the game. Our section was evenly divided between Sam Houston State fans and North Dakota State fans but it seemed that North Dakota State had a larger fan base at the game.” Read the full article here.


Bubble Life Dallas SocialsBi-weekly updates posted onto Bubble Life Park Cities. Read the articles here. 


Greyhound Blog Dallas Socials

Take a Ride on the New & Improved Greyhound Express

“Public transportation is the way to go. Over the years, Dallas has become more and more public transportation friendly. We still have a long way to go til we are able to get everywhere without a car but we’re heading in the right direction. When Greyhound contacted me about their new Greyhound Express service. I had never ridden a bus long distance before.” Read the full article here. 


Greek Food Festival Culture Club Betsy Mitchell

CULTURE CLUB: Getting Social with Betsy Mitchell

“The Greek Food Festival of Dallas is lucky enough to count the founder of Dallas Socials – one of the city’s go-to online sources for all things fabulously fun – among our 2012 Culture Clubbers. Prepare to update your social calendar as we reveal Betsy Mitchell’s shopping secrets and tell you what makes her say “Opa!” Read the full article here. 


culture map houston Betsy Mitchell

Dining Out Differences in Houston and Dallas (Culture Map) 

“While Dallas nightlife expert Betsy Mitchell, founder of, thought the staff might be running somewhat behind, she said that this type of lengthy eating stretch was not rare at high end Dallas restaurants. If Dallasites are spending money on a meal, they want that meal to last into the night. ” Read the full article here. 


Culture Map Dallas SocialsHoney badgers and people you wish you were friends with: Our favorite Dallasites on Twitter

@DallasSocials — In writing this article, I spent a good amount of time getting lost amid the tweets from @DallasSocials, which seem to be coming from @QuarterJap, who manages this account. If you follow them, you run the risk of wanting to be somewhere else. Like, at the cool new neighborhood bar, the opening of a new restaurant or event at the museum. If you need a harsh reminder that other people are going out and having fun while you’re on the couch, or you need something out-of-the-box to do, follow this one.  ” Read the full article here.


Sacre Bleu Wine features Betsy Mitchell and what she has done with The Dallas Socials as a brand.

“Dallas Socials began a couple of years ago when Betsy Mitchell finally grew tired of doing the same old routine in Dallas. She felt that too many other people were also going to the same old places, eating at the same restaurants, dancing at the same bars and as a result not really experiencing the full essence of what Dallas was all about.  She knew the city had a great deal more to offer and making sure that people knew about it became her passion and new mission. ” Read the full article here.


I Live in Dallas gathered five Foodies from Dallas to make 25 Best Restaurants in Dallas.

“As you all know, Dallas is jammed packed with restaurants. No matter what you are craving, somewhere in Dallas has it. Although this is great and convenient, not all restaurants stand up to our expectations. I eat out (more than any person should) and have had my fair share of amazing and horrible restaurants.” Read the full article here. 


Chevy Post Betsy MitchellDriving the Heartland. Chevy chose a hand selected group of Foodies in Dallas to tour the city for the best BBQ while driving around new models of Chevy and testing out the cars features. Dallas Socials was featured and given a Chevy Volt to test drive for the weekend. Also, find Betsy talking about her favorite features in the video.

“A group of Dallas foodies had a finger-lickin’ good time this past weekend while taste-testing the best barbecue in Dallas. Why? Because they were given a Texas-sized challenge.

The fun started at the original Sonny Bryan’s, where the bloggers were told to “save room” for all the barbecue goodness. They had no idea where the afternoon would take them, but they did know that they would be spending it in style, cruising the city in Chevys.” Read the full article here.


The Back 40 Dallas Socials

Best Dallas restaurants. “We went back the next night to eat at Sfuzzi, recommended by the Dallas Socials. G. had a nice penne with vodka sauce, and our friend Sheli and I split a pizza with chicken, shallots, spinach and bechamel sauce. The pizza was from a wood-fired oven with a nice crispy crust. I love that.” Read the full article here.


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For more information about The Dallas Socials or to contact Betsy, please email 




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